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Updated: Jan 26

Have you started thinking of writing either for a blog or maybe even a book? Or with lockdowns have you started thinking of making videos about something you are passionate about?

I have still big dreams but the one little problem is, I am tired. By the end of the day, when the kids are in bed and I have some time to myself I end up comatose binge watching the Crown.

Since December when we took some holiday time (at home) and then went into lockdown I have been searching for some good on-line bloggers that I can disappear in, take a few minutes and tune out the chaos of on-line school, a messy house, trying to figure out what to make for dinner. I have also been on a search for some great health bloggers. Looking for some motivation for when we can get back into a normal schedule I will feel stronger, mentally and physically.

So below are some great bloggers that I and the staff at TCM have found that we really like. By the way, if you do have a video on just make sure your kid's on-line class microphone is not on. As this was my day last week:

Started the day off ok. Kids slept in so I had time to make pancakes. The youngest kid proceeded to log onto his chrome book a bit reluctantly than usually. I quickly took this time to try a 20 minute workout from The Body coach in the hallway just outside from the room the kid was in. With the video volume on it didn’t struck me has maybe inappropriate if someone like the kids class mates might hear this and without knowing what was actually on.

Here is a list of bloggers and video bloggers we love:

Favcity: Bobby, Dessi and their daughter Rosie make adorable videos of healthy recipes

Trinny Woodall: Love her fashion videos to the point where I think Cindy and I should start some!!

Inoa Francis: She has great advice for teens on skincare

Joe, The Body Coach: He has great fitness videos for kids and adults. The kids and I would put a video on for 'gym class' each day with lockdown one last year.

We will add more as we can in between on-line school, making dinner and finishing the Crown...It is sooooo good

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