Having A Baby, Let's Talk About The Hospital Bag

Having a baby in 2021? What I stressed about was pretty much everything including what to bring to the hospital. I what learned was half of what I brought was not touched or needed.

Our birthing story for our daughter is in one word, it would be chaos! With being 9 days late, calling my husband the wrong name to the nurse, from going into the hospital three times pleading to have it start and my husband carrying in what I now think everything we own. It was worth it as our daughter is pretty cute, but we didn't need half of what we brought. So I have gathered the staff during the lockdown to talk about what their thoughts are on what to bring when having a baby! Let's see how this goes.

Alysha's top items are:

Lotion and

Lip chap


A book

Favourite blanket

Fuzzy socks (I would say slippers, but depending on how they wash, that would be a hard no. Lol)

Shannon's top Items

Lip Chap

Fuzzy socks

emergency water bottle (at 2am and everyone is sleeping, I didn't want to wake anyone for more ice chips or water)


Stretchy underwear

phone charger

baby outerwear, blanket and sleepers

Hat (after three days in hospital my hair looked awesome lol)

Cindy is still thinking about her list.......

The Children's Marketplace is a great place to stop by and stock up on items for a new baby's arrival or picking up a gift for a new parents. At this time with lockdowns happening we also like to share other local businesses. Some of our favourite products from around our area are below. Our staff member Melissa is amazing at knowing our local market and where to get what.

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