I Am A Google Blob!

I am probably one and the only that loves the winter time. I mean I love snow, snow storms and a really brisk cold day. I bundled the kids up every day for a walk. With what I can only explain as the ‘change’ that I am going through, it was great that all I needed is a fall coat, hat and gloves. I was good to not have a hot flash or have sweat in my ears (never knew you could sweat in your ears).

So when summer hits I am an in doors person with the air conditioner on, a fan on and still sweating constantly from my head. Then add in bugs, ants, spiders and flies dive bombing you… just gets me going. Like I am having a meltdown over the heat. My poor husband, I know. We bought our old house (we have moved since this) when my son was just 2 days old and I was in hospital. Never buy a house when you are sleep deprived and on medication is my lesson. It had great potential, only if you have thousands of dollars just laying around…we funny enough do not. We also had beautiful flowers at the front of the house. Neither my husband and I have a green thumb. If that is the saying(?) So on a hot afternoon I decided that my daughter and I would go and attempt to garden. I have no cute little outfits for the summer time. My daughter sat in the shade, eating a Popsicle acting more like a supervisor, instructing me on what she thinks I should be doing.

So I am out in these bright yellow shorts or jogging pants…not sure what they are really and a t-shirt that emphasizes my post baby stomach. Here I am using garden tools I have no idea how to use pulling out weeds and overgrown flowers…..which I guess what I thought was a prickly weed was in fact a rose bush. I am bending over pulling out weeds and at 5’10 wearing some sort of jogging pants/shorts my butt crack probably out for the world to see. As I look to my right I see a car slowly drive by and oh look who it is….really!

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